The language models required for an AI-based engine are huge and require over a few gigabates of space. We decided to exclude them from the default package and implement a mechanism of remote downloading if advanced proofreading is required. This is shown as a separate step in the installers where you can make your choice.

You must have the Internet connection enabled and have free space available on the disk according to Hardware requirements for v5.7.0+. If these criteria are met, the language models will be downloaded automatically.

Otherwise, the download will fail and you will have an option to download the models manually and enable them accordingly.

  1. Contact technical support and request links to download language models.
  2. Download the language models for required languages (e.g. English or German) to the WebSpellChecker\AppServer\grammar\neural\ directory.
  3. Unpack the downloaded models.
Example of the Linux unpack command for English model
tar -xvzf en.tar.gz

     4. Go to AppServerX.xml and navigate to the language tags.

     5. In the case of AI-based English, locate <Language Id="en_AI" Enabled="false"> tag and change the value from false to true. Use a similar approach for other AI-based languages, like German. Don't forget to restart AppServer to apply changes.

If you have trouble with the described steps, it's better to use the automated option when there is an Internet connection in place.

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