You configured WebSpellChecker Server products, but their work was interrupted and you noticed the 'Exception: Java heap space' error in the Logs files. The files are located in the /<WSC_Installation_Path>/WSC/AppServer/Logs directory. Below is an example of the mentioned error:

Error    PerformRequest. command: check, exception: callObjectObjMethod env.CallObjectMethodV exception: Java heap space, code: 11082951379382589058

Information    Could not create grammar object language = fr, provider = langtool. callConstructor LangToolJNIProvider::callConstructor exception: Java heap space


There is insufficient space to allocate an object to the Java heap. Please try to increase the maximum heap size in megabytes for LanguageTool in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) using the JVMMaxMemorySizeMb parameter. All the available parameters for the WebSpellChecker Server management are listed in a special .xml file called AppServerX.xml file, which is located at: <Installation_Path>/WSC/AppServer/AppServerX.xml.


To apply for the changes, restart WebSpellChecker AppServer.

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