To verify if WebSpellChecker Server works properly, you need to start AppServer Service and check its status and version.

Option A (Direct connection to the AppServer Service):

  • Check Version: http(s)://your_domain_name:2880/?cmd=ver
  • Check Status: http(s)://your_domain_name:2880/?cmd=status

The port 2880 is the default port used by AppServer Service.

If you specified a custom port number for the AppServer Service, use the next form of the link: http(s)://your_host_name:port/?cmd=ver

Option B (Connection to the Service via FastCGI, SSRV.cgi component) and Application Server):

  • Check Version: http(s)://your_domain_name/wscservice/script/ssrv.cgi?cmd=ver
  • Check Status: http(s)://your_domain_name/wscservice/script/ssrv.cgi?cmd=status
  • Default Samples: http(s)://your_domain_name/wscservice/samples/

If you specified a custom port number for Apache Tomcat, use the next form of the link: http(s)://your_host_name:port/spellcheck/script/ssrv.cgi?cmd=ver

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