The Grammar engine requires Java 8 and higher. The installation script will try to auto-detect a path to an existing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and record the path in the AppServerX.xml configuration files. If the path is not detected, the script will ask you to specify the correct path to JVM again.

You have an option to skip this step during the setup and set a path to JVM manually. Refer to Enabling grammar engine guide to find out more.

Step 10: Specify Path to Java Virtual Machine.

At least Java 8 is required to use the Grammar engine. Please specify the path to Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
You can skip this step and add the path to JVM manually in the '/opt/WSC/AppServer/AppServerX.xml' file (the PathToJavaVirtualMachine tag).

Do you want to specify a path to JVM? Enter 'y' or 'n' [y]:

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