This plugin reached its end-of-life date. The last usage date for the paid customers is December 2021. Read more in our blog post.

This guide outlines the main steps that you need to follow in order to integrate and configure the WebSpellChecker (WSC) Dialog plugin for CKEditor 4. All the described steps are provided for the Cloud version of WSC Dialog plugin for CKEditor 4.

Good to know:

  • WSC Dialog plugin is an integrated spelling and grammar checking solution in the standard packagefor CKEditor 4. By default, the WSC plugin for CKEditor is pointed to the Free WebSpellChecker Cloud Services. The free version with the banner ad and limited functionality is available for free for all CKEditor customers. 
  • The paid services allow customers to get rid of the banner ads, lift the usage limitations and get the extra functionality and languages. 
  • To get started with the trial version of WSC plugin for CKEditor 4, it is required to subscribe to the WebSpellChecker Cloud. On the subscription, you will receive an email with your service ID, an activation key, that is required for WSC service activation.

1. Initialize CKEditor 4

Before integrating and configuring the WSC Dialog plugin, CKEditor 4 should be properly configured in your web application. If you haven't done it yet, please download the latest version of the CKEditor 4 standard package and refer to CKEditor Quick Start Guide.

2. Obtain WSC Dialog activation key

Before the WSC Dialog integration, you are required to subscribe to trial version of WSC Dialog plugin for CKEditor 4 CloudOn the subscription, you will receive a confirmation email with your subscription information and service ID, activation key. It is required for the service activation and futher use. 

You can also find your service ID on your account page on the website. 

If you already have an active subscription, skip this step and jump to the next one.

3. Activate WSC Dialog plugin

If you are using the standard package of CKEditor 4, the WSC Dialog plugin is already there which is pointed to the Free services. To accomplish migration to the trial or paid version of WSC Cloud, the wsc_customerId parameter with the service ID, activation key, must be added to CKEditor config.js file.

config.wsc_customerId = 'your-service-ID';

4. Adjust default settings

Define additional WSC parameters (e.g. change default language, adjust dialog size, etc.). Refer to a full list of WSC Dialog API parameters and possible values in WSC Dialog parameters for CKEditor.

config.wsc_lang = 'de_DE';
config.wsc_height = 800;
config.wsc_width = 800;

After all changes are made, it is recommended to clean your browser cache. This is a recommended step, as some of the previous settings can be saved you in your browser cache.

5. Verify operability

The simplest way to verify operability and correct work of the WSC plugin for CKEditor 4 is to type any text with spelling and grammar mistake, then go to the ABC icon on the CKEditor toolbar and click Check Spelling. A new pop-up should be opened with spelling errors and grammar errors underlines in SpellChecker and Grammar tabs accordingly.

If you are migrating or configuring the Paid version of WSC Dialog for CKEditor 4, upon adding a service ID (an activation key) of the paid subscription, the banner ad on the dialog should be removed.

Still have a question?

Please feel free to contact our technical team if you are having any difficulties with the configuration. 

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