There is an option to start WProofreader in different text fields with different predefined settings, like a language. It can be archived with the setLang method.

1. Initialize WProofreader using the init() method if you clearly know in which field you want to initialize WProofreader which provides additional management options.

2. Specify the appropriate language shortcode in the setLang in WEBSPELLCHECKER.init. For example, using it in a combination with getInstances() method.


3. Also, it's recommended to disable synchronizing of languages between all the created WProofreader instances. It's enabled by default. To disable it using syncOptions in WEBSPELLCHECKER_CONFIG as shown below. Please note that this option also handles synchronization of the spell check ignore options.

syncOptions: false,

4. If needed, disable storing of the user-selected language between browser sessions using disableOptionsStorage in WEBSPELLCHECKER_CONFIG.

If it's not done, the user-selected language will be saved in the browser local storage until it's cleared and the predefined options will be of no effect.

disableOptionsStorage: [lang],