You installed WebSpellChecker Server software, but it does not work and you noticed the 'Exception: Illegal Instruction' error in the Logs files. These files are located in the /<WSC_Installation_Path>/WSC/AppServer/Logs directory. Below is an example of the mentioned error:

09/12/22:00:00:16.332   #12786:0        Subsystem_General       Error   Illegal Instruction

09/12/22:00:01:16.332   #12786:0        Subsystem_General       Fatal   Caught a signal: Illegal Instruction


The main reason why you received this error, might be that your server does not support AVX2/AVX512 (Advanced Vector Extensions) instructions that are required to load AI-based engines* and autocomplete functionality that is also based on them.

*The WebSpellChecker AI engine was built using modern approaches in Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is based on the huge pre-trained language model. Thus, its accuracy is higher compared with our classic rule-based engines. 


Option #1. Change the server for the WebSpellChecker installation to the one which supports the AVX2/AVX512 instructions and reinstall the software from scratch.

Option #2. If changing the server isn't an option, you can reinstall the software and not choose AI-based languages and autocomplete functionality:

  • Reinstall the WebSpellChecker software.
  • In Step 6. Select AI-based languages, where you choose which AI-based models to use, do not press Enter as the default installation will be applied, but choose 0 (None). This is important because by pressing Enter the default values (1,2) will be chosen which are AI-based English and AI-based autocomplete functionality for English. When you choose 0 (None) the AI-based languages or autocomplete functionality will not be installed.
Step 6. Select AI-based languages.

0. None
1. English grammar
2. English autocomplete
3. German grammar
4. Spanish grammar
5. Select all

Specify your choice using comma as separator [1,2]: 0

If you use automated installing WebSpellChecker on Linux specify languages_to_install=0 in order not to set up AI-based languages and autocomplete functionality.

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