Problem & Symptoms

Sometimes you may encounter the following situation after enabling SSL Connection with AppServer, it fails to operate properly and you can see the following message in the logs files of the /<WSC_Installation_Path>/WSC/AppServer/Logs directory:

Cannot parse ini file "...\AppServer\AppServerX.xml". Reason: XmlDomParser. Invalid token in line <00> column <00> error code 17

The error means that you use inappropriate symbols which are reserved characters in XML such as, for example, > or < characters in the SSL certificate password parameter in AppServerX.xml file. This file is located in <WebSpellChecker_Installation_Path>/AppServer/AppServerX.xml directory.


To solve the issue, you need to replace the reserved characters in XML with their corresponding entities or update the password so that it doesn't contain any of the reserved characters listed in the table below.












To do so:

  1. Stop AppServer.
  2. Open the AppServerX.xml file and navigate to the line mentioned in the error message.
  3. Replace reserved characters that cause the crash of XML with their appropriate entities. 
  4. Save changes in the AppServerX.xml file and start AppServer to apply changes. 


Incorrect syntax example (using < in the field):


Correct syntax example (replacing < with its corresponding entity &lt;) :

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