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If you use the version before v5.17.0 and you need a language that is not available in your package, the only option to proceed is to upgrade to the latest available version. Custom builds are no longer provided.

1. Open Locate and open the AppServerX.xml configuration file for editing. By default, the file is located in: <Installation_Path>/WSC/AppServer/AppServerX.xml.

Before making any changes to the AppServerX.xml file, it is recommended to to stop AppServer.

2. Find a block with the needed language in AppServerX.xml. Example for the Chezh language by language name or its short code. For example, the Czech language:

Code Block
<Language Id="cs_CZ" Enabled="false">
	<!-- Czech (Czech Republic) -->

Here you can find 3. Change the value for Enabled state from false to true

4. Save the updated version of the AppServerX.xml file and start AppServer to apply changes.

5. You can validate the list of supported languages along with their demosthe enabled languages using get_info API command. For example: Set Enabled="true".
4. Restart AppServer.
5. localhost/wscservice/api?cmd=get_info


If you run WebSpellChecker on Docker, you can create an updated image from a modified Docker container to use it further.