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Excerpt IncludeIN:_include_wsc_proofreader_overview_tipIN:_include_wsc_proofreader_overview_tipnopaneltrueThis guide outlines the main steps that you need to follow for initializing WProofreader in CKEditor 5.initializing the universal WProofreader add-on for RTEs in CKEditor 5. It is a bit outdated method as there is a native integration (plugin) available. Check this Getting started with WProofreader plugin for CKEditor 5 instead.


This note is applicable for the WebSpellChecker package version before 5.10.0. In versions starting 5.10.0, we replaced the static dialog mode to the floating one.

WProofreader provides two modes for text proofreading: as you type in the editable area and in a separate dialog. The second mode with the dialog is a static mode where the editing is restricted to applying or rejecting changes suggested by WProofreader engine. There is no option that allows real-time text editing or synchronization in the dialog as this is available in as you type mode.  As a result, there are is a list of modes and plugins of CKEditor 5 that are not compatible and contradict with the use of the dialog mode. You have to disable the dialog mode to avoid any confusion or unexpected behavior, if you are using one of the following modes or plugins of CKEditor 5: real-time collaboration features or multi-root editor. Check the details in the How to disable the dialog mode in WProofreader guide.


Before integrating and configuring WProofreader, make sure CKEditor 5 is properly configured in your web application. To initialize CKEditor 5, follow the steps described in CKEditor 5 Quick Start guide.