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On this step you need to choose whether to run the license activation process. If you want to go ahead with the license activation, press Enter, then specify the License Ticket ID, and press Enter to activate the license automatically.

Code Block
Step 9: Activate License.

Do you want to proceed with the license activation? Enter 'y' or 'n' [y]: 
Specify your License Ticket ID: Your_License_Ticket_ID

Do you want the installer to attempt to activate your license automatically? 
The automatic activation requires the Internet connection available on this machine. 
Otherwise, please proceed with the manual activation instead. Enter 'y' or 'n'. [y]:

If you already have a license activated or you prefer to proceed with the license activation step later, you can skip this step. 

Visit the License Activation activation on Linux guide for more details on how to activate a license on a Linux server.