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Check the status and version of AppServer to verify if WebSpellChecker Server works properly. To do so, use the commands listed below.


If you selected the Run WebSpellChecker Application Server (AppServer) option on step 2.13 of the installation process, it should be started automatically. Otherwise, use the start AppServer command.

Option A. Direct connection to the AppServer Service:

  • Check Version: http(s)://your_host_name:2880/?cmd=ver
  • Check Status: http(s)://your_host_name:2880/?cmd=status

The port 2880 is the default port used by AppServer Service.

If you specified a custom port number for the AppServer Service, use the next form of the link: http(s)://your_host_name:port/?cmd=ver

Option B. Connection to the AppServer Service via the FastCGI protocol using the SSRV.cgi component and web server or Java application server:

  • Check Version: http(s)://your_host_name/wscservice/script/ssrv.cgi?cmd=ver
  • Check Status: http(s)://your_host_name/wscservice/script/ssrv.cgi?cmd=status
  • Access the default Demo Samples: http(s)://your_host_name/wscservice/samples/
If you specified a custom port number for a Web Server, use the following link: http(s)://your_host_name:port/wscservice/script/ssrv.cgi?cmd=ver

links below to navigate to the detailed commands and responses descriptions: