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Integrate WebSpellChecker products into your web application.


Do not Do not use 2880 port when accessing samples or other statics files like wscbundle.js file as file as such files will be processed by a selected web server or Java application server. 2880 is a an internal port that WSC AppServer listens to and which is designed to process service requests (check spelling, grammar and others).

Option A. Integration Guides

Visit Products and integrations guides to learn more how to get started with WebSpellChecker products, one of them being WProofreader.


WProofreader is multilingual proofreading tool for web applications. It enables grammar and spell check while you type or work with your text in a dedicated dialog. It detects editable fields in focus, be it HTML editable controls or WYSIWYG editors, and enables spelling and grammar checking there. View the full list of supported integrations.

WProofreader benefits: 

With the Cloud-based version of WProofreader you can access and use its features without server-side installation. In the Server-based version, all the application data is securely processed on your own server. Refer to the Get started with WProofreader Server (autoSearch) guide for more details.

WProofreader allows users to see and correct spelling and grammar problems on the fly while they are typing directly in the text input field. Every misspelled word found will be underlined with a red wavy line and every grammar problem detected will be marked with a green one respectively. The user just needs to hover a marked word or phrase and replace it with a proper one from the list of given corrections.

Option B. Demo Samples

Depending on the type of elements, namely HTML native elements or rich text editors where the spelling and grammar check is needed, you may choose and use the demo samples that are shipped with the package. 

To access the default samples, go to http(s)://your_host_name:port/wscservice/samples/ where port is the port of your web server or Java application server. The default samples contains all the necessary samples and instructions that will help with the integration of the WebSpellChecker products. Moreover, each sample contains detailed development documentation with a list of methods and parameters available.