You can verify a license type and its validity period by accessing one of the log files located in AppServer/Logs folder and verifying the license status. By default, the /Logs folder contains Action.logMain.log, and several child log files such as Child_0.log and Child_1.log.

Good to know:

  • License Ticket ID is a special license activation key that is required for the WebSpellChecker application usage.
  • There are two types of License Ticket IDs available: 30-day trial and commercial (1 year). Except the validity period, there is no difference between ticket types from the technical perspective.
  • WebSpellChecker license is hardware-based.

1. Locating Log Files

The location of Logs folder directly depends on the type of the environment where the WebSpellChecker application is installed and running.

  • Path to Logs folder on a Windows server:
  • Path to Logs folder on a Linux server:

2. Verifying the License Status

To verify the license status:

1. Open one of the logs files in the Logs folder.

2. Locate the records with License status information. Based on your license status, you may see the following messages:

License status: Successful activation. License term is <365/30> days.
License status: Successful activation. License is permanent.
License status: License is absent. The license activation is required.