If you are trying to deploy the application and activate the license on a server which is running behind the firewall and the Internet connection (inbound and outbound traffic) is controlled by a proxy server, please follow the instructions below.

1. Before making any changes, it is recommended to stop AppServer

2. Locate the AppServerX.xml configuration file in the WebSpellChecker installation folder on your server. The default path to the AppServerX.xml file is  <WebSpellChecker_Installation_Path>/AppServer/AppServerX.xml

3. Scroll down to the section with parameters responsible for proxy server settings: <Proxy>...</Proxy>.

4. To enable the proxy server module, change the default value of EnableProxy from false to true. And fill in the rest of the values listed in the Proxy section.


The detailed description of each of these parameters is available under AppServer parameters#Proxy section.

5. As soon as the modifications are completed, start AppServer for the changes to take effect.

6. Proceed with manual license activation using License activation on Linux or License activation on Windows guides.

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