If your web app is written using Angular, React, Vue.js or any other popular framework, you do not need to do anything special to integrate the WProofreader spelling/grammar checking component. 

You don't need to worry about importing, building, bundling or instantiating a WProofreader object as you might get used to doing with other components. WProofreader is written in pure JavaScript and it has all the required mechanisms for auto-detecting the editable fields on the page and auto-initializing itself there.

Here are some additional notes that might help you with the further configuration.

1.  Find the main HTML page that is served when someone visits your website or app.

For example:

  • For Angular with Angular CLI, it is src/index.html
  • For React and create-react-app, it is public/index.html
  • For Vue and Vue CLI, it is public/index.html

2. Add WProofreader configuration and wscbundle scripts inside the body tag. It is recommended to have it at the very end of the body before the closing tag </body>.

For details, refer to our standard initialization guidelines: