If you are experiencing any issues in the normal functioning or full denial of the self-hosted Server version of the WebSpellChecker package, here are the steps that will help you to define the root cause of the problem. Also, the same findings will be useful if you eventually decide to contact the technical support. The required information is marked with TODO status.

Server-side components

1. Check the logs recorded by AppServer. The logs folder is located in the /WebSpellChecker installation directory/AppSever/Logs/. Are there any errors?

TODO Archive a folder with /Logs into a *.zip archive and send it to the support team.

2. Check the AppServer status and version. What responses do you get?

TODO Make screenshots or copy/paste the responses that you get when checking the status and version and provide it to the support team.

3. Check the browser console and network tabs to see if there are any errors or failed requests to WebSpellChecker. Are there any errors? Are there any requests to WebSpellChecker at all?

Don't know how to access your browser tab or check requests in the network tab? No problem, please check How to access the browser console errors and failed requests in the network tab.

TODO  Make screenshots of the console errors and failed requests. For the failed requests, it is recommended to export a HAR file with the failed requests. HAR files contains full information about the request.

4. Also, the support team may ask to provide /AppServer/AppServerX.xml file to validate the used settings for your installation.

Client-side components

1. What type of the product do you use (WProofreader, SCAYT or WSC plugin for CKEditor 4, Web API, ect.)?

2. Where the spelling/grammar checking feature is integrated?

  • Is this a rich text editor or plain HTML control?
  • What is the version of your rich text editor? Is it up to date?
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