A part of the most popular languages utilize a propriatory spell check engine. There is an option to change the default spell check engine provider to the popular open-source spell check engine - Hunspell. It is one of the supported 3rd party engines and it is already used for a majority of the less popular languages.

As an example, we will use French and replace the spell check engine provider for it. By default, it uses the propriatory spell check engine. 

1. Obtain dictionaries files (*.aff and *.dic) for the desired language. The dictionary sources are LibreOfficeLibreOffice extensionsMozilla Add-Ons. In our case for French, it will be fr_FR.aff and fr_FR.dic files.

2. Copy fr_FR.aff and fr_FR.dic files to {Installation_path}/AppServer/LanguageDictionaries/ directory, where the {Installation_path} for Windows is C:\Program Files\WebSpellChecker\ and /opt/WSC/ for Linux-based OS accordingly.

3. Open AppServerX.xml for editing. Locate the language tag for the French language. It should start with <Language Id="fr_FR">.

4. Replace the existing tag block with the tag example below. You need to change settings only for the spell check engine under SpellEngineOptions tag and specify SpellCheckProvider as enchant (under the hood it utilizes Hunspell).

<Language Id="fr_FR">

5. Save the file and restart the AppServer.

If you have a company custom dictionary(ies) created and compiled for the desired language under the default spell check engine, you need to re-setup it as described in Company custom dictionary.

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