There is an option available that allows collecting usage statistics in log files. To enable logging of requests, you need to perform the steps described in this guide.

1. Configure the direct connection between the product that you integrated into your web app and Application Server (AppServer) to enable the collecting of statistics in a log file. Visit the Setting up direct connection with AppServer guide to enable the direct connection.

2. Open the AppServerX.xml configuration file for editing. Before making any changes to the AppServerX.xml file, it is recommended to stop AppServer.

3. Change the default value of AppServer parameters#EnableRequestStatistic from false to true to enable saving requests statistics.


4. In the RequestStatisticFilePath tag, specify a path to a log file where AppServer will record the information about requests that it processes.


Make sure that a directory and a new file for statistics logs has a proper permissions set that allows not only reading the file but also writing to it.

5. Keep RequestStatisticDataType value as a File to collect the usage statistics in the log files.

6. Start AppServer to apply your changes.

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