There is a mechanism of license reactivation available and, by default, it is enabled. There will be a set of attempts to reactivate a license automatically that is about to expire (7 days, 1 day, 1 hour and 10 minutes before expiration). All the attempts and their status will be recorded in the log files.

If you do not wish the license to be auto-reactivated upon its expiration, you can disable AppServer parameters#AutoLicenseReactivation option.

1. Before making any changes, it is recommended to stop AppServer (Main AppServer commands#stopAppServerWindowsLinux2.StopAppServer). 

2. Locate the AppServerX.xml configuration file in the WebSpellChecker installation folder on your server. The default path to the AppServerX.xml file is  <WebSpellChecker_Installation_Path>/AppServer/AppServerX.xml

3. Scroll down to the section with parameters responsible for licensing: <License>...</License>.

4. For AutoLicenseReactivation parameter change the default value from true to false, to disable the license reactivation attempts.


5. As soon as the modifications are completed, start AppServer for the changes to take effect.

Since the auto-reactivation will be disabled, you are responsible for ensuring timely activation of the license manually. Otherwise, the spell and grammar check functionality stops working.

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