You may have a preference to use WebSpellChecker as a service on Linux. By default, it is not available as a service. However, you can create it.

There are plenty of instructions available on the Internet that will explain how to create a service. Here is one of them available on Medium that describes how to create a Linux service.

1. Create a text file, e.g. webspellchecker.service. In the example below, you need to set a name for User and update paths to the installation directory of WebSpellChecker.

Description=WebSpellChecker spelling and grammar checking server



2. Once the file is created, you need to copy it into /etc/systemd/system directory.

3. In order to start or stop the service, use the next commands below.

Start the service as follows:

service webspellchecker start

Stop the service as follows:

service webspellchecker stop

You have an option to start the service on boot. To do so, use the following command:

systemctl enable webspellchecker
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