The free version of SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) product is provided as a plugin which is integrated by default in the CKEditor 4 editor. The free version is available with a banner ad and has some limitations in the functionality compared to the paid services provided by WebSpellChecker.

This information provided here is actual only for CKEditor 4.xx and lower versions like CKEditor 3.xx.

DescriptionCloud FreeCloud TrialCloud Paid
OverviewThe free version of SCAYT for CKEditor 4 is provided with banner ads and limited functionality.CKEditor's customers can subscribe to the 14-day SCAYT to evaluate the full version of our products with their system to understand if our solution meets their expectations and requirements.CKEditor's customers can migrate from the Free or Trial to WebSpellChecker Paid services and get rid of the banner ad and receive additional benefits.
Pricing, $Free

Free for 14 days starting from the subscription date

Contact our sales team.

SCAYT and WSC are two separate products. Thus, if you are interested in using both SCAYT and WSC, you are required to obtain two service subscriptions accordingly. 

Words usage
  • As of Jan 14, 2019, up to 50,000 words are processed per day from a single website (domain). Once the limit is reached, the proofreading stops until the next day (00:00 UTC-0).
  • Spell Check (WSC) Dialog: The maximum allowed text size for a single request is set to 10KB. To be able to check larger text, divide your text into smaller chunks or upgrade to the paid services. DEPRECATED

Depending on the pricing plan, the usage limit varies from 200 million to billion words processed during the year. There is no daily limit set. Once the yearly limit is reached, the service will stop working.


The Free version comes with banner ads suggesting you upgrade to the full version.

No banner ads. Upon the upgrade from the free version to the full one, the banner ads are removed.

Spell checkingAvailable

Grammar checking

Not available

Available in over 20 languages, check details in the Supported languages guide.

Supported languages

15 languages

Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese languages are excluded from the default languages list for the Free services in May 2017. Read more here.

Supported languages

Custom dictionary

*Company-wide custom dictionary is aimed at extending a list of words in the default dictionaries with your custom words and are stored on our servers.

Not available


User custom dictionary

All the words added using SCAYT User Dictionary functionality will go to the browser local storage. Thus, all the words will be stored on the end user’s side and will be available from this particular browser.

User dictionaries are separated and tied to separate customer ID, thus, they are more secure.

All the words added using SCAYT User Dictionary functionality will go to the browser local storage. Thus, all the words will be stored on the end user’s side and will be available from this particular browser.

Unlike the free version, end users are provided with an option to save their user dictionaries on server. This will allow users to use their saved dictionaries within a number of devices, browsers. Thus, they don't need to create dictionaries each time they clean browser cache or need to login to the system from a different computer or device.

Data security (SSL version) HTTPS (TLS 1.2)
Subscription managementNot available. Those who use the free version do not have a separate account page. The free version is already configured and tied to specific service ID that available for all free users.

Available. On the subscription to trial version, we create an account on our website that allows our customers to manage their subscription:

  • Review and update profile information, contact details that are associated with the service subscription.
  • Check the general information about subscription (registration date, last payment date, type of the subscription, expiration date, your service ID, and service activation key).
  • Monitor the service usage.
  • Upgrade to paid version / renew or cancel subscription / request account deletion.
  • Manage custom dictionaries.
Technical supportNot available
Technical support assistance is limited to providing general configuration instructions.

Technical support assistance is available and includes help with migration to the paid version; configuration instructions; basic customer support.

Privacy policy

WebSpellChecker hosts and processes data with Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting service provider in the United States (US). Please check more detailed information in the Privacy Policy.