The detect_language command is available since the release of WebSpellChecker v5.5.8 in March 2020. It detects the language(s) of a given text.

  • This functionality is built on top of the Compact Language Detector 2 (CLD2) library.
  • It supports over 80 languages.
  • In a single request it can detect and return up to 3 languages with a proportion ration of each language in the text. 
  • To reach the better and more accurate result, it is recommended to split your text into sentences and send as separate requests. 
  • If the language is not detected, it will be returned as Unknown.

Command name: detect_language

#ParameterPossible valuesDefault valueDescription
  • plain text

A piece of text which will be sent for language detection. 

  • your-service-id value

A special service ID value (activation key) that has to be passed to a request query. It's obtained upon subscription to the Cloud services (paid or trial).

  • json
  • xml
jsonThe response format for output data.

Response structure


A language short code. 

Supported languages

2LangNameA full name of a detected language.
3ProportionThe proportion ration of the detected language in the text.

Example 1.1

Request URL (GET): 
http(s):// sampl text demonstrates the work of the Web API service.&customerid=[your-service-id]


  • Command: detect_language

  • Text: this sampl text demonstrates the work of the Web API service.

Request response:

    "LangShortCode": "en_US",
	"LangName": "American English",
	"Proportion": 0.98